Mac Arnold & a Plate Full O’Blues

Peacock Performing Arts Center 301 Church St.

Mac Arnold’s first band included James Brown on piano. Mac moved to Chicago and Muddy Waters hired him on the spot. He toured and recorded with the Muddy Waters Band and recorded LPs with Otis Spann and John Lee Hooker. Mac moved to Los Angeles and produced Soul Train with his friend Don Cornelius. He even played bass on the Sanford & Son television show when he wasn’t playing bass for Otis Redding and B.B. King. He retired from show business to be an organic farmer. Mac is back with his own band and a “plate full” of CDs, building a new foundation in blues, soul and funk.


God’s of Comedy

Peacock Performing Arts Center 301 Church St.

Two young classics professors have made a discovery that’s sure to turn them into academic superstars. But something goes awry and Daphne’s cry of panic, “Save me, gods of ancient Greece!” makes those gods appear, but the screwball deities encounter modern college life in Mel Brooksian style.

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