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MAYBE it is the clear and crisp night skies that allow planets and stars to pop like pure white diamonds off black velvet, or the feeling you can reach out and touch the Milky Way from your deck chair.

Maybe it’s the view of the lake while waterskiing behind your boat, or the lilt of bird calls while you walk the trails on your hike, or the rush of the river against your legs as you toss that fly on the end of your rod, or just the overwhelming peaceful feeling you get sitting at the base of endless flowing waterfalls. It might be the family time spent maneuvering white water on a raft.

It could be the music wafting through the historic square at a free concert or people’s greetings over a glass of local wine. It might even be the joy it brings to watch a wedding take place in the town’s gazebo. Could it be the winding roads, trails, rivers, creeks, fishing, gold panning, rafting, kayaking, bicycling, and motorcycling?

Some think it’s the yearlong mild weather. Many think it is the beauty and greenery of the mountains. There are those who will swear it is the people. All of these could be the reason.

But, as for me, when asked “why would anyone want to come to Clay County, North Carolina?” I would answer, “because this place renews my faith in living, love, fun, laughter, family, friends, celebration, community, and is downright”¦ Good for The Soul.

You are welcome to come, see, and experience it all for yourself.

Lee Holland, Chairperson
Clay County Travel & Tourism

Hotels & Cabins


Copper Door

In the quaint town of Hayesville, North Carolina, The Copper Door holds a spot among the Top 100 Restaurants in America, as voted by Open Table Diners. The Appalachian mountains form the backdrop of this historic town and the area is rich with lake views, waterfalls, Native American culture and talented artisans of every kind. (more…)


Ridge Runner

Delivery to: Blue Ridge, GA; Blairsville, GA; Hiawassee, GA; Jasper, GA; Hayesville, NC; and Copperhill, TN.

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Things To Do

The Peacock Performing Arts Center – The Peacock Playhouse

The Peacock Performing Arts Center in Hayesville, NC is a center of community and cultural activity, providing quality entertainment to residents of Western North Carolina and North Georgia. People who have attended performances at Peacock Performing Arts Center know that it is a gem of superior quality. Those who haven’t attended yet are in for a stunning surprise: big-city entertainment in a quiet mountain town. (more…)

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