Located in Union County, Blairsville is a hidden gem surrounded by the Georgia Appalachian Mountains. It emanates the energy of contemporary, modern life to suit both residents and seasonal visitors and has a rich historical background. Chartered in 1832, Union County became a home for many Scotch-Irish settlers, and locals continue to honor its ancestry with the annual Scottish Festival at Meeks Park.

The historic courthouse was built in 1898 and still stands as a centerpiece for downtown events such as live music, car shows and craft fairs.

Overall, Blairsville has endless attractions for both nature lovers and socialites. Adventurers can hike the Appalachian Trail, fish and boat on Lake Nottely, camp at Vogel State Park, stand atop Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest mountain peak, and appreciate numerous waterfalls and mountain views. Socialites can enjoy delicious meals at high-rated restaurants and attend wineries, golf tournaments, and seasonal festivals like the Mountain Heritage Festival and Sorghum Festival.

Blairsville is a great place to find a balance of small-city shops & culture with outdoor splendor. You can find a snug cabin to retreat to in the winter, or enjoy fun on the water at Lake Notelly in the summer.