The quaint mountain town of Cornelia, Georgia, resides in Habersham County and originated as an agricultural center. During a destructive beetle-infestation in the 1920s, local farmers saved the town’s economy by switching from cotton to apple farming. When driving downtown today, visitors can’t miss the 7 foot tall Big Red Apple sculpture – a historical symbol of survival.

Throughout the years, Cornelia has also become an inspiration for train-robbing folklore. The Wofford Trail was a site for many stagecoach robberies as well as the base operation for the 1956 Disney movie, The Great Locomotive Chase. In recent years, Cornelia has come alive again with the renovation of the old train depot.

Now, visitors flock to the square to attend annual festivals and events such as the Big Red Apple Festival and the Christmas Parade. In addition, people can visit the Cornelia City Park and the historic Chenocetah Fire Tower as well as hike to Minnehaha Falls.

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