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Sassafras Artisan Market

New Name, New Place, Same Great Experience: Sassafras Artisan Market – gathering the finest artists & artisans of the region. Unique, original works of art from over 100 exhibitors. April 29 & 30, 2023


Highlights from North Georgia

The Chattahoochee River

Many people know the Chattahoochee River as one of the most important U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundments in the nation.  This river's basin is the smallest in the nation and serves as a source of drinking water for metro Atlanta, and continues along the Georgia ”“ Alabama border, and into Florida.   This important source not only provides drinking water supply to more than half of all Georgian residents, but also provides hydroelectric power, commercial navigation, flood control, and recreation in three states to over 25 million Americans. It begins as a spring; “Chattahoochee Gap,” just a little more [...]

Warwoman Dell

Warwoman Dell was named to honor a Cherokee Warwoman. Some believe it could have been named for Nancy Hart, the Revolutionary War era woman who may have fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek with her husband and sons. Most likely, though, it was named to honor Nancy Ward, a highly-respected “beloved woman” of the Cherokee Nation who frequented the dell and advised the Cherokee tribal council on war and peace. She was very powerful in the Cherokee clan rule, for she was the last Warwoman in the East. When the Cherokee chiefs voted to go to war, it could [...]

Cherokee Homestead Exhibit

The Cherokee Homestead Exhibit, located in downtown Hayesville, is an outdoor exhibit which includes replicas of a 17th century winter house, summer house, corn crib, summer shelter, mound gardens, dugout canoe, and public art depicting elements of the Cherokee culture. The elements of the exhibit were researched and are as authentic and accurate as possible. Informational kiosks at the exhibit enable free self-guided tours at any time. The winter house and summer house were constructed with upright locust poles which support the rivercane woven sides and thatched roofs. Mud and straw daub create the plaster which was added to the [...]

Top of Bell Mountain

Have you ever wanted to feel on Top of the World? Just head to Hiawassee and Bell Mountain Park Historical Site. Originally Bell Mountain was very prominent rising 3,424 foot of elevation from the “Enchanted Valley” of Hiawassee. Then in the early 1960's Bell Mountain's land was purchased to mine for its minerals, and the top was left with a wide gap at the knob. After the mining, Mr. Hal Herrin partner of the Hiawassee Land Company, then later Mountain Realty purchased it in an effort to preserve it from future mining. Bell Mountain primarily became a home for sunset [...]

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