Today Mineral Bluff is a simple little crossroad town that was once a bustling community when the railroad arrived at the turn of the century. Located at the next rail spot going northeast from the town of Blue Ridge is Mineral Bluff, a town that once boasted as to having the best mineral springs in the region. The brag was all too true considering the large number of folks that came here by rail and later by road to experience their rejuvenating waters. These turn-of-the-century arrivals built summer homes and socialized amongst their new neighbors. Eventually the popularity faded away from mineral baths leaving behind a quiet community consisting of new and local residents.

Still remaining in the town of Mineral Bluff is a historic depot, an old church on the corner that’s still in use and a post office located in one of the town’s historic structures. Located both in town and scattered around the small surrounding valley are a few other historic buildings left in the Mineral Bluff area, mostly privately owned historic homes that represents Mineral Bluffs’ finest days as a thriving community.

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