Road Trip To: Dial & Suches

On the back roads of Dial & Suches If you want to see North Georgia’s unspoiled nature and most scenic route; just travel the winding road along Hwy. 60. The two quaint towns of Suches, GA in Union County and unincorporated Dial, GA in Fannin County is a place that few visitors get to see on the back roads of Georgia. Suches is also known as the “Valley above the Clouds”. Outside of Dahlonega, the road forks Left off Hwy. 19 going North over beautiful mountain vistas. From Woody Gap is where you enter this area as The Appalachian Trail crosses Hwy. 60 & where hikers started 20 miles to the south on Springer Mountain. Dockery Lake is halfway between mileposts 19 and 20 on the Lumpkin County (Dahlonega) side of Woody Gap. Well marked roads lead to overnight camping and the lake provides ideal area to fish. Preacher’s Rock is where spectacular vistas of the incredible Appalachian Mountains can be seen from, a half-hour’s walk off the pavement. Just past milepost 21, park at Woody Gap, follow the trail to the right, towards Neil’s Gap & Blood Mountain. Look for trail markers, as beginning of hike is easy, although inexperienced hikers need to proceed with caution for steep inclines at the top of Preachers Rock that is solid granite. Lake Winfield Scott is the spot for a cool getaway on a hot summer day and is a part of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The 18 acre lake is quiet for camping or hiking and has a swimming & pavilion area. In Suches turn right onto Hwy.180, go 7 miles for signs on the right. Sea Creek Falls is another side excursion off Coopers Creek Rd. This trail runs parallel to Coopers Creek and has a 10 minute walk to the waterfall. Take Cooper Creek Road for 2.9 miles. Turn left on forest highway 264. Continue until it ends in about 1/10 mile. Woody Gap School was built in 1940 from the old Brown homestead. Joseph Brown was a State Senator 1849, Governor in 1857, Chief Justice of GA’s Supreme Court in 1868 & served in the U.S. Senate until 1891. Ranger Arthur Woody served from 1911-1945 & was a key figure in promote conservation in the Chattahoochee National Forest. . Every October the Indian Summer Festival is held with crafts, antiques, folk art, food & entertainment. The Swinging Bridge is a 265 foot long suspension bridge, the longest one east of the Mississippi. It was built to allow hikers on the Benton MacKaye trail to easily cross the rushing Toccoa River. From Suches on Hwy. 60 after entering Fannin County, go another 5.8 miles. Take the dirt road to the left with the trail marker and a rough 3.1 dirt road, (4-wheel drive recommended) then at the end of road, a trail leads you to the bridge, about 1/3 of a mile. The Old Skeenah Mill, which was built in 1848 by Willis Woody, who brought his family to the [...]