A quaint family restaurant offering German and American fare. Outdoor seating overlooking the Chattahoochee River. Pet Friendly.

The restaurant is designed and fashioned after the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany. The GI Germany Pub is designed with the authentic feel, as you would find in an American Pub on a base in Germany, right down to the green color! Along with our Domestic GI Germany Ale and Mox Nix Domestic Beer. The food is authentic to old German Gasthavs, along with the taste of many American dishes. All of our beef is Certified Angus Beef Brand. Because of their uncompromising standards, you are ensured that it is a cut above the USDA Prime, Choice or Select, making it the best tasting beef available. GUTEN APPETIT!

9001 North Main Street
Helen, GA

Call (706) 878-2248

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