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The incredible catalog of the Eagles has stood the test of time and multiple generations. “To the Limit” captures this spirit in a bottle and somehow makes it their own, using the framework of these legends to produce brand new and exciting moments for every listener to enjoy.
Songs like “Take it Easy” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling” take you back to the glory days of AM radio when times were much simpler. “Tequila Sunrise” will always bring a smile to every listener’s face and sing along with thoughts as vivid as they were decades long ago.

Meanwhile, soaring anthems like “One of these Nights” and “Witchy Woman” shows the bands range in both vocal prowess as well as their arrangement chops. Iconic riffs and heavy handed grooves abound in songs like “Hotel California” and “Victim of Love” while others like “Heartache Tonight” and “Life in the Fast Lane” are sure fire bets to get you out of your seat to dance the night away.

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