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Maytag Virgin follows Alabama school teacher Lizzy Nash and her new neighbor Jack Key over the year following the tragic death of Lizzy’s husband. The play explores the ideas of inertia and self-enlightenment and the bridge between the two.“Our time as humans on this planet if we want anything other than a life of complete solitude, always involves learning the hard work of love. We let go of our ideals to find some semblance of sanity. We convince ourselves that we can get by with less and that our own happiness is secondary to the task at hand. It is a great paradox. When we love fully, we lose a part of ourselves.” – Audrey Cefaly, Author
“At a moment of seemingly endless divisions, Maytag Virgin revives its audience’s hope in forgiveness and togetherness. The play offers laughter, sorrow and fearlessness through watching just two people navigate out of loss into new possibility. The Southern charm crafted into the play allows audiences to enjoy slowly the sweetness of budding passion.” – Eric Gravez, Director

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