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Homegrown and raised in the Northeast corner of Alabama, singer/songwriter Jess Goggans puts her entire soul into her music and every ounce of her heart into every single performance. Recognized for her sultry Southern Grit, soulful melodies and high-energy stage presence, it is said that you can literally feel her voice moving through you. Jess’ music defies genre; it’s been referred to as “get down music,” with influences of funk, rock and blues. She is accompanied by some of the finest musicians in the Southeast.
Daughter of “The Mentone Troubadour and Appalachian Storyteller”, Tony Goggans, Jess remembers singing on stage when she was five. After High School, when a friends’ band would play they would many times ask her to get up on stage to sing a song or two. “Most of the time they wanted me to get up and sing [Janis Joplin’s] ‘Me and Bobby McGee,’” she recalls. “I’ve been told I sound like her.” Jess has a unique vocal sound distinguished by passionate coarseness. Upbeat tunes feature her characterful rasp, while her soulful growls in slower songs illuminate the emotion behind the lyrics.

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