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Join three top rated songwriters for a Songwriters Workshop starting at 4pm at the Playhouse, October 29. This will be followed by a concert at 7pm.Gilmer Arts is fortunate to have singer-songwriter Robin Salmon of the hit duo Surrender Hill as a longtime supporter of the arts in Gilmer County. Salmon has deep connections among Nashville’s Americana and Acoustic songwriters. On behalf of Gilmer Arts, Salmon reached out to Byron Hill and Stephen Simmons who are both highly celebrated for their award-winning work as songwriters and performers. The trio has prepared a special event for our community.
On the afternoon of Oct 29, Byron Hill’s songwriter’s workshop will provide participants the opportunity to share and fine-tune their current projects and to receive tips for how to pursue their dream as a singer-songwriter. That evening, Hill, Simmons, and Salmon will perform in concert at the Gilmer Arts Playhouse.
About the artists:
BYRON HILL – Since moving to Nashville and signing his first publishing deal in 1978, his songs have generated more than 700 recordings, and have been released on ninety-one industry certified Gold and Platinum albums and singles. They have earned ten ASCAP awards, thirty-four U.S. and Canadian top-ten chart hits, and have become hits in many other worldwide markets. The songs “Fool Hearted Memory” (George Strait), “Pickin’ Up Strangers” (Johnny Lee), “Politics, Religion, And Her” (Sammy Kershaw), “Nothing On But The Radio” (Gary Allan), “Born Country” (Alabama), “High-Tech Redneck” (George Jones), “Alright Already” (Larry Stewart), “If I Was A Drinkin’ Man” (Neal McCoy), “Size Matters” (Joe Nichols), “Nights” (Ed Bruce), and “Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous” (Tracy Byrd), are just a few of the notable songs in his recorded catalog that spans four decades and includes songs recorded by a long list of other iconic and current artists of our time. Byron is a 2018 inductee into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.
STEPHEN SIMMONS – A journeyman musician, Simmons wrote Family Album’s songs over a 15-year period, setting aside each family-oriented song as it appeared. He toured heavily on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean during the same period, releasing a string of records that included label-backed albums, independent projects, live performances, stripped-down recordings, and full-band releases. His music was similarly diverse, running the gamut from acoustic folk music to amplified, Neil Young-worthy roots rock. Show by show, song by song, and album by album, Simmons hand-built his own audience — an audience that has remained fiercely supportive for the better part of two decades, crowd-funding nearly half of his studio albums along the way. With 2020’s Family Album, Stephen Simmons comes full circle. A longtime fixture of Nashville’s Americana community, he salutes his small-town beginnings with these songs, whose biographical lyrics nod to the family that played a crucial role in his upbringing. If it takes a village to raise a child, then Family Album tells the story of that village: its members, its music, and the memories it leaves behind.
“ROBIN DEAN SALMON is an anthropologist of sorts. At times living the life of a gypsy, traveling the world, amassing the experiences it would take most several lifetimes to accumulate. From this he has developed an intrinsic understanding of what it means to be human. A base insight that somehow eludes most, perhaps due to lack of awareness or just simple indifference. It is songwriters like Salmon who help us to look at ourselves and this world in which we live with a bit more clarity.” -HANNAH CROWELL – Born in Durban South Africa, Robin Salmon came of age in a disjointed country plagued by violence and political turmoil. His father’s disaccord with the apartheid favoring government led to a pending threat of him becoming a banned person, which at the time carried the sentencing of house arrest that was doggedly enforced. The family fled to America in 1977, settling outside of San Antonio on the largest long horn cattle ranch in the country. Life was reinvented and the way of the rancher instilled in the fabric of young Salmon. Spending the impressionable years of a young man’s life in the Texas hill country in the early 80’s, Salmon’s musical roots were a cross pollination of musical legends Bob Wills, Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins and the contemporaries of punk rock, The Sex Pistols, U2, The Clash and The Ramones. At 15 Salmon got his first guitar, wrote his first song and realized life as a performer was an inescapable dream.

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