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Resident Artist – Curtis WhitwamPresents his watercolor paintings which express his affinity for patterns and connections.
Artist Reception – June 1st @ 5 pm
Artist Statement: “My work is mission driven, as a way to inspire you to see the beauty of the natural spaces that surround us and be moved to protect them. Watercolor is my medium. Natural patterns are my focus. The shape of the roots, the branches of the trees, schools of fish, or swirls on the waters’ surface anchor a moment. This feeling of presence is expressed in my artwork through a painting technique I use to execute the layers of color and value that create the resonance of a place or experience. I am from Tampa, Florida, and have spent my whole life exploring Florida’s vast array of wild ecosystems. I have work exhibited in several galleries in the Tampa area. I travel with my art, showing at many fine art festivals throughout the year. I have been blessed to receive awards at many of these shows. A portion of the sales of my artwork is donated to the Florida Springs Institute, whose mission it is to educate, research, and document the health of Florida’s freshwater springs.”

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