Brasstown Bald is 4,784 feet above sea level and is the highest point in North Georgia. Those who have visited have marveled at the unsurpassed views!

Now you can view Brasstown Bald’s Scenic vista in a whole new light – or dark? Coming in September & October, Astronomer, Alex Langoussis will guide you through the night atop Brasstown Bald’s 360 degree veiew observation deck, where visitors will engage with wonders of the universe through galactic stories, expertise, and the use of a professional telescope. You could spend the evening being a “Gaurdian of the Galaxy” in learning about the magic of deep space and northern Georgia’s incredible nightscape!
Pre-registration is required for Friday night star gazing and there is a cost of $20.00 for 13 & up or $10.00 for ages 6-12. Events are subject to weather conditions, no pets, and people are encouraged to bring a flashlight and extra layer of clothers due to the cooler tempatures at night from higher elevation

During the day there are several trails that lead up to Brasstown Bald, including Wagon Train Trail, Jack’s Knob Trail, where there is an access path to the Appalachian Trail. Arkaquah Trail follows high ridges to the Track Rock Archaeological area and Brasstown Bald Trail climbs 500 ft. in a half mile.

Visitors can travel to Brasstown by car from State Rd. Hwy. 180 that can be accessed either coming from Helen or Hiawassee on 17/75 or by Blairsville on Hwy. 129.

Once to the parking facility there is a steep, paved trail to the Visitor Information Center at the summit. Although difficult, this is an excellent hike for most people. Frequent stopping places along the path make it achievable for even the most out-of-shape hikers. A shuttle in the visitor parking provides access to the summit in addition to a picnic area for the public.

The Visitors Center provides an unencumbered 360 view of the surrounding mountains and four states of North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina. A museum and exhibit entitled “Man and the Mountain” shows rural mountain life, forestry in North Georgia and the diversifed wildlife in the area.

For more info contact: Blairsville Ranger Office:
706-745-6928 or Brasstown Bald Visitors
Information Center: 706-896-2556